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Multi-layered map of Ukraine with backlight color "Warm charm"

Multi-layered map of Ukraine with backlight color "Warm charm"

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Details create an atmosphere! A map of Ukraine made of wood will be a great addition to any interior and will help create your unique space. It has various layers and relief, which makes it more voluminous and luxurious. In addition, the map contains the largest rivers, which adds even more realism and beauty.

The card is made of high-quality veneer.
*Map color may vary due to natural material.

The set includes:
- card holder depending on its type (adhesive tape, glass mount or dowel mount)
- instruction
- power supply unit for illumination (if the card has it)

If you want additional accessories for the map, such as a coat of arms, ships or planes, then write about it us in the comments to the order.

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Answers to popular questions

Is it possible to install the map on my own?

Yes! We have done everything in our power to simplify the process of installing the map as much as possible.

Can I make my own changes to the map?

Yes! We can add your city or settlement to the map. Engraving the logo will also not be a problem. The cost of additional work is calculated by the manager.

How to attach the map to the wall?

Mounts depend on the type of card.

In the simplest case, it is an adhesive tape, which should preferably be glued to a flat, smooth surface.

In the case of a map with a backlight, it is fixed on a dowel.
Such a mount can be hidden under the card, or protrude a little at the edges, depending on the map model.

Mounts are included with the map.

How long does it take to make a map?

Production time: 3-7 working days.
* On holidays, production times may be extended