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World Map on cork

World Map on cork

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Introducing our exquisite World Map on Cork – a captivating fusion of functionality and aesthetics that adds a touch of sophistication to your space. This meticulously crafted map combines the timeless allure of black or white with the natural warmth of cork, creating a unique and stylish addition to any room.


- Monochromatic Elegance: The world map is available in two chic variations – black on cork or white on cork. This monochromatic design offers a visually striking and modern contrast, ensuring that the map seamlessly integrates into any decor style.

- Cork Surface: The map is expertly printed on a layer of high-quality cork, providing a tactile and eco-friendly backdrop. The cork surface not only adds a natural element to the map but also serves as a functional pinboard. Use pushpins to mark your travels, pin notes, or showcase your favorite memories.

- Frame Options: Choose between framed and unframed options to tailor the map to your personal preferences. The framed version adds an extra layer of refinement, enhancing the overall presentation and making it ready to hang on your wall. The unframed version allows for a more minimalist look or gives you the flexibility to choose a frame that complements your decor.

- Educational and Decorative: Whether you're a travel enthusiast, an educator, or someone looking to elevate their living space, this world map on cork serves dual purposes. It not only imparts geographical knowledge but also doubles as a captivating piece of wall art that sparks conversations and inspires wanderlust.

- Quality Craftsmanship: Our world map is meticulously printed with attention to detail, ensuring accuracy and clarity. The cork surface is durable and self-healing, making it a long-lasting addition to your home or office.

Bring the world into your living space with our World Map on Cork – a stylish, educational, and functional decor piece that transforms any wall into a captivating focal point. Choose your monochromatic style, select your framing option, and embark on a journey of global elegance.

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